Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Five things in...

Filched this one from Genevieve.

Five things in my freezer
1. Ice cubes
2. Freezer blocks
3. Chicken thigh fillets
4. Sausages
5. There aren't 5 things in my freezer

Five things in my closet
1. Wool stash (in plastic tub)
2. Some of the fabric stash (in space bags)
3. Papers waiting to be filed (they've been waiting a long time)
4. Sheets and towels
5. Pedestal fan

Five things in my car
1. Yoga mat
2. Kool Mints
3. Melway (Melbourne street directory)
4. A few cassettes
5. Bottle of distilled water

Five things in my purse
Ah - there goes another linguistic difference between the US and Australia.
My purse contains cash, credit cards and membership cards. I think in the US, people would call that a wallet. In Australia, only men use wallets. Australian women carry their cash in a purse which is usually contained in their handbag. So...

Five things in my handbag
1. Purse
2. iPod
3. Mobile phone (not cell phone!)
4. Tiger balm
5. Sock-in-progress


Genevieve said...

ah, the wonders of the English language! You are right, in America, women and men carry wallets, and a purse is a handbag. (although we also use that word, but mostly old ladies say it - interchangable with purse) and as for cell vs mobile phone, well, mobile makes much more sense, as most of our phones aren't even cellular anymore, but digital. but do you pronounce it mo-BILE (to rhyme with crocodile) or MO-ble? Me, I'd say the second. (is that the latter? I can never keep that straight)

Genevieve said...

oh, also? what are freezer blocks?

Paisley said...

definitely moBILE (to rhyme with crocoDILE). MO-ble is an oil company (Exxon-Mobil)! :-)
Freezer blocks are the plastic (usually brick-shaped) bottles that you freeze and then use as extra refrigeration in your... hmmm I don't know what you call them in the US - Australians call it an Esky, NZers call it a chilly bin... - the insulated bag or box that you use to carry food for a picnic.

Genevieve said...

Ah, right! I've got some of those freezer blocks too - I think we don't actually have a name for them, although I call them icy packs. As for the thing you keep food in for picnics & stuff, along with the icy packs, we call those coolers. Esky? Is that a brand name or something? or something to do with Eskimo? (just wondering where it came from! it's funny when we have such different words for things)

Paisley said...

Esky was originally a brand name (probably developed as an association with Eskimos - Australians love to shorten things with an "ee" sound) but it has become a generic term here.