Tuesday, 1 August 2006

A fresh look

Regular readers might notice that I've tweaked the template just a teensy bit. I was getting bored with the green. Plus, I think that this template will allow slightly bigger pictures to fit without putting the side bar completely out of whack.

Knitting News: Pomatomus Socks are finished as is the Patons Jet Jacket and the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I haven't had a chance to take decent photos of these yet. Progress is being made on the Thuja variant sock one. I'm getting used to the 2 circulars instead of dpns, but I'm a bit bored with them as the pattern is very plain and the yarn is a plain dark green (to conform to the recipient's v. conservative dress sense).

Quilting News: I've started the hand quilting on the Mossy Variation quilt. Centre nine-patch panel has been completed. Fingers crossed that I haven't left this too much to the last minute.


Donni said...

it looks great - looking forward to seeing the Pomatomus socks.

Genevieve said...

looks good! and I am impressed you were able to do it yourself - I had to convince someone she really, really wanted to help me update mine.