Wednesday, 23 August 2006

The lazy blogger

I've done plenty of blog reading in the past week, but I've been a very idle blog writer. I spent most of last weekend painting my toilet (or rather, painting the very small room that the toilet is in). I won't post photos unless someone out there has a Kenny fixation. It's Dulux Garden Pond (green) on the walls with Dulux Antique White USA on the skirtings and window surrounds.

In knitting news, I've finished the first Yarrow Ribbed Sock. I'm not sure that it's a terribly attractive sock but it's quite comfortable. Perhaps this second photo isn't the most flattering angle for photographing feet. Plus I was trying to use natural light rather than the flash. I'm still learning about how to take better photographs.
yarrow ribbed sock progressyarrow ribbed sock 1 fin

I've also started on Aija's RPM sock pattern using some of my Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.
RPM start

(Please excuse the fact that I haven't shaved my legs* - it's still officially winter and I wear trousers to work). I'm using the slight modification which I noted on someone's blog somewhere (I can't remember where) of knitting this on 62 stitches rather than 63 which makes the slanting pattern a complete no-brainer. I'm contemplating Cookie A's idea of reversing the swirl for the second sock. If I knit it inside out (turning it back the right way for the heel and toe) reversing the knits and the purls, then I think this might work. This is my first ever short row heel. I added in the slip every 2nd stitch on the RS rows to give it a bit more texture. There's a bit of a hole at the hinge point (ankle bone?) which isn't a big problem but I'm wondering how I could avoid this for future socks.

*Last night on the ABC, Foreign Correspondent did a story on the gay conversion movement in the US. Their efforts include running youth camps focused on "conversion therapy" where the rule book stipulates, amongst other things, that men must shave every day and women twice a week. Hmmm.... hirsuteness = homosexuality? I've let my legs get hairy therefore I'm a lesbian? I thought I was just lazy.

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Genevieve said...

love the socks!

and the shaving thing is just plain weird. Most gay men I know shave daily... they do not have beards. Also, it's summer here and I wear skirts daily and I still only shave once a week. Too. much. effort. last I checked I wasn't a lesbian...