Thursday, 3 August 2006

Presenting Pomatomus

Finally some Pomatomus photos. Today is C's birthday and we caught up for lunch and the presentation of the birthday socks. (C reads the blog so I was holding off on posting too much about them until now) (and see that fuzzy bit of red scarf there? that was her birthday pressie from last year - Misty Garden from Scarf Style).

Pomatomi presented

Project Specs:
Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A from Knitty (Winter 2005).
Yarn: Marta's Yarns 2 ply. 1 strand Green Multi and 1 strand Pale Green
Needles: 2.5mm bamboo dpns (set of 5)
Date begun: 24 June 2006
Date completed: 27 July 2006

Project Review:
These were fun, but I don't know that I would make them again as they take a great amount of concentration. Perhaps I might reconsider after a long break (and after I've made my way through all the patterns from Knitting Vintage Socks that I want to try). The biggest trouble is that the pattern is ALMOST memorable, so you get into a rhythm and complacency sets in. At one point about half way through the second sock I had to tink back 2.5 rounds to fix a mistake - usually putting a YO on the wrong needle. This was my first time knitting from a chart and I think for this project, a chart is by far the best way to codify the lace. I was trying to imagine the written instructions you would need to represent the same and it gave me the heebie geebies.

Here's a couple of more detailed shots that I took last night. One of the ball bands worked well as a wrapper - with the bonus that it includes the care instructions. These socks are hand-wash only unfortunately.
Pomatomus detail Pomatomi pair with ball band as sock wrapper

Incidentally: I just ran the Blogger spell-check. Have any other Blogger users noticed that it doesn't have "blog" in the dictionary? It suggested "bloc" instead. Does that qualify as ironic or is it just dumb?


Anonymous said...

Dear S. Thanks again for the lovelly b'day presie. I've shown them around the office and everyone here is very impressed!

Genevieve said...

those look great! they are on my to-make list.

and yes, I've noticed that the blogger dictionary doesn't have blog in it. Ridiculous! Also, i feel like whenever I add things to the dictionary, it doesn't retain them.

aija said...

Great color for pomatomus! :)

Donni said...

They are simply gorgeous - you have spurred me on - fixation should end soon then pomatomus starts again.