Saturday, 5 August 2006

A propos of nothing...

... I've found two grey hairs in the last fortnight. (in MY hair)

Breaking sock news
About to do my handwashing this afternoon, I discovered a hole in the heel of my Grandma Crusoe socks. Quelle horreur!
Hole in the heel

So out came the darning mushroom and the little bits of left over yarn (there's no much left after a pair of grown-up socks and a pair of toddler socks). Problem fixed.
Darned heel

Old sock news
The Craft & Quilt Fair was held at Jeff's Shed last weekend and I went with the intention of just getting some nice batting for Mum's quilt. That part of the mission was successful. But, unlike previous years, when the fair hasn't had much in the way of yarn exhibitors (it's usually more quilt focused), I came away with the following:
Sock yarn stash

To be completely accurate, I didn't buy the black and white yarn at the fair, I picked that up at Clegs on Thursday lunchtime, but it's all stash enhancement in the past 7 days. This week interest rates went up for the second time this year. I really musn't buy any more sock yarn until I've worked my way through this bunch.

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