Wednesday, 9 August 2006

The Sock Queue

I've been thinking today about the obsessions that we craft-bloggers have with the number of WIPs we have on the go and why or how we end up with so many, or, in the odd instance, so few. For the last few weeks, I've been increasing my stash of sock yarn, and the number of patterns on my mental "to do" list has grown considerably. So much so that I've created The Sock Queue on my side bar as a separate list from my intended WIPS. I'm tempted to make a start on a lot of these projects right now. I have the patterns, I have the yarn, I probably have enough needles tucked away (or I could always buy a couple more sets of dpns). But if I start these now, I eat into the time that can be spent on the projects I already have on the go, thus pushing their completion further away. But why the temptation? Is it boredom with the current projects? Partly. But I think that the greatest temptation is the desire to make a start in order to preserve the idea of making that thing. I used to go through patchwork magazines, find all sorts of inspirations and create ideas of quilts in my head which were never written down. Making a start however, acts to preserve the idea or concept.
The Sock Queue is an attempt to preserve the ideas, whilst keeping the WIPs under control.

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Donni said...

I'm liking this idea - a need to have something new on the hop all the time