Sunday, 13 August 2006

Sunday afternoon

For the past week or so, after a pretty mild winter, we've been having an early taste of Spring. I think because I have a garden this year, I'm taking a lot more notice of all the little changes in plants - both my own and those around me. I put a Daphne in last spring and it just seemed to do nothing although it didn't look completely dead. I bought another one (a bit bigger) a few months ago and tried it in a different spot. Now they are both shooting new green growth and when I was at the nursery yesterday I noticed that the Daphnes there were all doing the same thing. All this new stuff to learn!

In April the council finally switched over to wheelie bins for our recycling service which left me pondering what to do with the old tubs (we had two - one for paper and one for other recycling). I finally decided on planting the old paper tub up with a selection of mints which I did yesterday afternoon. Clockwise from top left: Common mint, Peppermint, Vietnamese Mint (not a "true" mint), Apple Mint.
mint tub

Today was so nice outside, it almost felt warm. I spent a good part of the afternoon sitting outside.
I drank some coffee, I knit a bit on the sock.
coffee & sock in progress

I did some washing.
Blue sky 01

I enjoyed the blue sky.
blue sky 02

Sunlight has such restorative powers.

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