Wednesday, 30 August 2006

The tortoise

Progress on projects Chez Paisley feels pretty slow at the moment. I get all inspired by the blogs that I read during the day (in between reference requests and my retrospective cataloguing project). I see so many beautiful creations on other people's blogs, that I go home determined to create a bit more beauty in my own little realm.

But progress is so slow. I'm stitching away at the quilting on the mariner's-compass-segments bag which seems to be taking forever. The Mossy Variation quilt is sitting on the coffee table looking at me every time I work on something else. There's a huge pile of ironing in the sewing room. I broke the zipper on the fly of my purple corduroy pants so now they need mending.

At least the garden is growing quite happily without too much interference from me.

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