Wednesday, 9 August 2006


A few weeks ago Weeks Ringle (co-author of the Modern Quilting Workshop and Whip Up contributor) put out a call on WhipTips offering help or ideas for using or making over unfinished quilts or stray quilt blocks. Send the pictures in and she'll give you some ideas on how to finish them. So I sent an email with a couple of piccies.

Hi Weeks and the WhipUp team,
Any non-cushion suggestions for the block in the attached pics? I hand-pieced this circular block (paper piecing method) about 12 or 13 years ago, probably with a cushion in mind (I made a LOT of cushions when I was first learning to quilt), but it has languished in the sewing box ever since. This is probably because it doesn't lie flat - as illustrated in the profile shot.
Any thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

My very old handiwork has now appeared on Whip Up and Weeks has provided a couple of very good suggestions. I haven't decided which one to follow through with yet. Any thoughts?

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aija said...

Neat! I love whipup. I'm not a quilter but love her drawing of the tote, it seems like a neat idea.