Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Male socks & Male choir

thuja modelled 02
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I'm just back from a long weekend visiting my parents. I got my step-dad to model his Fathers' Day socks.

We went and saw the Melbourne Welsh Male Voice Choir who were down to do one show at the local PAC. There looked to be just the one chorister under the age of 50 (and him not by much) and some of them had very distinctive visages. It's funny the things that you take notice of when the show is not designed for visual stimulation. Whilst listening to their wonderful singing, we occupied ourselves with spotting who was left handed (there were a couple that revealed themselves when they had to some finger clicking), who had an earring (I spotted just the one in the front row - he also had a button missing from his jacket and his trousers hadn't been taken up enough), who wore a wedding ring, which face matched which name on the program, who looked like the biggest trouble-maker or stirrer.... you get the picture.
Here are the socks from the other angle.
thuja modelled 01

In other knitting news, I'm a bit over half-way through a variant of the baby surprise jacket for my cousin who is due to give birth in November. No photos yet as it just looks like a green blob.


Donni said...

Can't see his face but I bet he is smiling with the perfect fit of socks and the nicest step-daughter.

Genevieve said...

socks look great!