Friday, 15 September 2006

Project in action

knee cushion in action
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A couple of weeks ago I posted about finishing a knee cushion for us to use in our office at work. Here is my boss demonstrating it's efficacy whilst doing her weekly update of the staff whiteboard.

I've been thinking about whether to learn another new knitting skill in 2007. 2006 has been the year of the sock, and I don't plan on stopping them, but I've mulling over the idea of making 2007 the year of lace knitting (knitted lace - I seem to recall reading somewhere that there is a distinction). Of course, I've dabbled a bit with Pomatomus and a feather and fan patterned scarf (hmmm... both of these ended up being gifted to C - perhaps she's a lacy kind of gal), but today I saw this. Isn't it beautiful? Go on - follow the link and have a good look, then hit the back button and read what's left of my post.

Which isn't much. Just a quick thought that I'm now seriously considering buying Wrap Style just for that pattern.

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Genevieve said...

that's pretty. I'm quite sure you can handle it!