Monday, 9 October 2006

have-it-your-way hat

have-it-your-way hat
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It's a wee bit loose, but it's very comfortable. I finished it yesterday afternoon while I was visiting my uncle and aunt. I tried it on and my uncle said "Oh, it's Grandma Stagg (his grandma, my great-grandmother)" and my aunt said "Oh, you look like your mother". Mostly I get told that I look like my dad, so when people see something of my mum's family in me it seems worth noting.
I think it's got a bit of a 1930's feel to it, especially with my stray curls sticking out of the front.

Project Specifics:
Pattern: The have-it-your-way crochet hat plan in Yarn, Issue 4, Sep 2006, p. 23
Yarn: Panda Regal 4 ply cotton - 2 strands together
Tools: 4mm crochet hook, pipe cleaners ("chenille sticks")

Following the pattern to the letter, making the crown a flat circle as wide as the circumference of your head, then working straight down, the hat was ending up waaayyyy too big. In retrospect, those instructions seem to presume that a head is shaped like a cylinder rather than more like a sphere. So I frogged it back to the flat section and started the sides of the crown earlier on.
The pattern for the broad-brimmed hat suggests working the last round of stitches over a brim liner (either specialist millinery supplies or substituting in dressmakers stays or corset boning). I discovered on Sunday that my local Lincraft had closed and I spent ages in the nearest Spotlight combing the haberdashery aisles with no success. Then I happened to walk down one of the kiddies craft aisles and I spied some "chenille sticks" (I guess that's a new PC name for pipe cleaners) and I had a light-bulb moment. They mean that the brim is flexible and I can "set" it in various shapes.
I might well make more of these hats this coming summer (one for every outfit perhaps!). It was very quick and easy and the outcome is practical. Almost instant gratification.


Genevieve said...

it looks great!

and goodness, I didn't realize pipe cleaners are no longer called pipe cleaners.

aija said...

It looks great! I had a giggle about the "chenille sticks," too.

Donni said...

So THAT'S What you look like! Nice hat too!