Wednesday, 4 October 2006


Maybe it's because I'd just done an RPM class and was feeling all self-righteous and virtuous, but I was totally flummoxed this evening when I walked past the Melbourne CBD's very first Krispy Kreme outlet (which opened within the last month - I believe that the doughnut chain has only just arrived on Australian shores) and there was a queue. Not just inside the store, but out the door and down the footpath past the end of the shop window - at 7pm, on a Wednesday evening, at the end of town that really has very little to offer apart from the train station.
To quote Rove... What the?
And to paraphrase Samuel L Jackson... We'd have to be talkin' about one mother&^%$! charmin' doughnut.
I don't get the whole doughnut obsession. Don't get me wrong, I'll quite happily eat one if it's served up to me. But I don't crave them and I certainly wouldn't queue up down the street for one. I think probably because the enjoyment/flavour to fat/calories/sugar ratio doesn't rate very high for me. Give me a blueberry muffin, a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or apple pie any day.
Homer Simpson I ain't.


Genevieve said...

oh, you must taste the krispy kreme! maybe not when there's a line around the block, but if you walk past and there's no line, go in. Just order a hot glazed doughnut. Don't get anything fancy. You just might be surprised... (and if they are not hot, come back later. still good, but your first experience must be hot.)

they opened a krispy kreme by my grandmother's house, with a drive thru. one day I was driving my cousin to school, and he told me "turn right up there. but make sure you don't get in the doughnut lane!" the drive thru line was spilling out into the road!

Anonymous said...

Ahha that explains all of the people that I've seen wandering around Melbourne's CBD with donunt boxes. I was thinking that there must have been a lot of NSW tourists in town (there is a KK shop at Sydney airport).

One of the people at work - did bring us back some KK donunts from a recent trip to Sydney. They weren't hot (sorry genevieve), but they were very tasty.


Genevieve said...

you can also heat them in the microwave - not the same, but also good.