Friday, 6 October 2006

So much for no knitting

hat begins
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I splurged yesterday and bought two (2 !) magazines yesterday - Real Living and Yarn. I was quite taken with the hat pattern in Yarn (picture on the website) which provides for 4 variations from the basic instructions and very easy size manipulations. The sizing is important for me as I have a big head. Or at least, I think I have a relatively normal-sized head, but whenever I try hats on in shops - particularly summer ones which generally aren't made from stretchy materials like beanies - they are too tight and hurt my head and the last thing I want, in summer especially, is a tight hat making my head throb when the heat from which the hat is meant to be protecting me is quite capable of making my head throb on its own. So we have established that I must have a freakishly large head. I mean it must be - otherwise surely they would make hats in different sizes instead of selling them on a one-size-fits-all basis. My point was further proved when the measurements in the pattern suggested that a large adult head would have a circumference of 56 cm (22"). I measured my head last night - circumference was 60 cm (23.5"). No wonder average-sized hats are too bloody tight. (I realize of course that there are businesses out there that make hats in a range of sizes, but I don't necessarily want to fork out mega-bucks for a hat when most people can just plonk any old hat from Target on their noggin and be done with it).
Anyway - back to the yarn.
I decided to send Grace to the frog pond last night. It had been sitting in my knit WIP pile for far too long and I decided that although the pattern is gorgeous, the shape and fit was wrong for me and the multi-coloured yarn that I'd chosen didn't look very nice knitted up in stocking stitch - it just looked kind-of freckled - and not in a good way. So I'm giving the 4ply cotton a chance at redemption. I'm using 2 strands with a 4mm hook to attempt a wide-ish brimmed hat which will hopefully sit on my head this summer without me feeling like my temples are about to explode. So far it looks ok.

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