Thursday, 26 October 2006

Train knitting warm fuzzy

So when I was a teenager right? I went to a few church-run youth group camps which are interesting to look back at now, if only from a purely sociological perspective (I'm not very churchy now - nor was I then when I come to think about it, but I have a better understanding now of why). Invariably these camps had an ongoing program of everyone doing or saying something nice for the other campers. Usually this took the form of a "secret pal" type arrangement or the "warm fuzzy" mailboxes (everyone had a "mailbox" where anyone could leave them a little note saying something nice - a "warm fuzzy"). All very warm and admirable and touchy-feely (which I'm not).

So cut to this morning on the train right? I was completely absorbed, knitting away on the two-socks-on-two-circs-in-self-striping-sock-yarn project. When I got up to leave the train, a woman who'd been sitting on the other side of the carriage caught my arm and said "your knitting is beautiful". I only had time to say "thank-you" and then I had to high-tail it off the train before it took off again, but the compliment for what are pretty plain socks left me with a very warm and fuzzy feeling. Warm fuzzies are at their most lovely when they come out of the blue.

Now, for some colour and interest, I present a progress shot of the quilting on the Mossy Variation quilt.

Mossy Variation progress

I'm quilting the labeling at the moment, then it's just the border and the binding to go. The end is in sight.

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