Sunday, 29 October 2006


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This afternoon a group of bees decided that hanging out around the bottom of my clothes lines was a hip and happening thing to be doing. I'm hoping they'll go away of their own accord otherwise I'll have to get a bee-man (or woman) in do his (or her) stuff.

In other news... the Mossy Variation quilt is now complete. I'll blog it properly once I've taken some good photos. Outside wasn't really an option this afternoon for reasons I've already discussed. Quilting has commenced on the Plain Spoken quilt. Deadline is February next year so the sewing schedule is looking pretty positive as long as I stick to the quotas I've set.

Oh and C - if you're reading this, I watered the garden this evening and picked some silverbeet and spinach. Thanks!

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Genevieve said...

those are all bees? Scary! I hope they go away soon...