Monday, 27 November 2006


Saturday was our state election. I voted in the morning. Then I handed out how-to-vote cards for a couple of hours (for the Greens) which was an interesting experience. My shift was early to mid-afternoon. It was a pretty quiet period (people mostly go in the morning (getting it over and done with) or late afternoon (leaving it till the last minute). The ALP guy there was pretty chatty so there was quite a bit of yakking going on. There was a dippy middle aged lady from Family First who kept on trying to engage the three Liberals in conversation by asking them questions about John Howard's intentions on future policy in Iraq (she was making the strange assumption that Liberal party members would have inside knowledge of what Howard's plans are on various policy issues...). Then the Liberal candidate's daughter (aged about 19 or 20?) turned up with a friend. They were both dressed in tight designer-looking jeans and t-shirts with photos of the candidate plastered across them. The daughter's t-shirt was emblazoned with "Vote for my dad" across the bust line and I couldn't help but see them as a pair of spoilt princesses.
The government has been returned with what looks to be a slightly reduced majority. If Bracksy serves out this full term then he'll be entitled to be immortalised in a pretty much life-sized bronze statue in Treasury Place alongside the other 4 premiers who were in office for over 3000 days (Bolte, Dunstan, Hamer & Cain).

Saturday evening was dinner (curried tofu and fishball noodle soup - yum!) at S and T2's. I got S to try on the first useful stocking to double check the fit before I finish off the foot.

useful stocking fitting

I think it's a teensy bit too short in the above the knee stakes, but S is happy with it so I'm very thankful that I don't have to frog back at all on this. It's not a difficult knit so it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would be a tremendous bore, especially when I'm itching to knit new things and try out more interesting sock patterns.

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