Monday, 20 November 2006


  • I haven't been terribly inspired to write much on the blog lately. There has been some sock knitting (useful stocking number one is down to the foot, but I want to pin S down for a precautionary fitting before I finish the sock off). The good news with these socks is that given the wonderful yardage that you get with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, a stocking can be achieved with only a little over 1 skein. The first skein did all the way from above the knee, through the heel flap and ran out during the heel turn so I only have to get a foot out of the second skein for each stocking. Which means that there will be plenty left over for me to make myself a pair of bright red socks. I've got a design in mind for this project, but I'll wait until they're at least in progress before I blog about them properly.

  • I've also made a start on another pair of socks, which are vaguely remarkable, but I really need to take photos to illustrate their vaguely-remarkableness. I'm obviously not a very organised blogger.

  • Quilting continues in fits and starts on the Plain Spoken quilt but photos are pointless at this stage as they won't show anything new.

  • I made a second Christmas stocking. I need to do a third to have a family set.

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