Monday, 27 November 2006


Sunday was taken up with cricket-watching and Christmas-crafting (the alliteration is fortuitous rather than intentional). I spent most of the afternoon waiting for Australia to break the partnership between Collingwood and Pietersen and cutting out little 8-shaped pieces of fabric. I was inspired to make some ornaments for the tree (which will go up this coming weekend - it's four weeks today until Christmas!) by this post from Craftapalooza. But I decided I couldn't be bothered with making little yoyo/suffolk puffs so I drew some inspiration from another of her projects from earlier in the year (scroll down to the last necklace). This is the result.

Christmas ornaments

The lighting isn't great in the photo - it was late afternoon and I was trying to avoid using the flash. I interspersed the little fabric bundles with beads that I had left-over from other projects which helped pad out the ornaments so I didn't have to cut out quite so many little shapes to get a decent length. I'm pretty happy with the way they've turned out. Roll on December!

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nicole said...

Hey they're cool!! Nice idea. Easier than darn yoyos!