Saturday, 4 November 2006

Two Toe-up on two circs.....

After finishing the pair to the Madder Ribbed Sock, I still had about half the ball of ONline sock yarn left so I tried out the two socks at once on two circs toe up (try saying that three times at top speed) method. This is the result.
toe up pair

Not bad eh? (goodness I really do have flat feet) I've found this to be a very useful technique when you don't know how far the yarn will go. I can see that my left-over bits of sock yarn will benefit from this method in the future. But I think my first preference is for one sock at a time on dpns cuff down. Circs and bits of yarn going everywhere meant the whole knitting experience didn't feel quite so zen as it usually does - not so rhythmic and meditative.
My short row heels still need some fine-tuning.
toe up 01

I haven't worked out how to avoid the hole at the pivot point yet. Still, with these summer weight socks it doesn't matter so much - more ventilation!


Donni said...

A fine specimen if I say so myself.

Sheep Rustler said...

I always knit my socks toe up on dpns (a technique I adopted when I was struggling with mastering grafting - even though I can do it now, I still prefer this way of knitting socks. To avoid the hole in the pivot point I always create a tiny gusset - on the round when I have finisked the heel and I am picking up the rest of the leg stitcjes, I increase twice around the pivot points (that's twice on each pivot point) then do two lots of knitting them together on the next round (knit 2 together, ssk, whatever takes your fancy). It nearly always results in no hole. I made this up, unvented it I suppose I should say, though I'm sure others have done the same thing.

Paisley said...

Thanks Judy - I'll give that a try.

Genevieve said...

looks nice! (and, I have super flat feet, too)