Friday, 1 December 2006

inadvertently matching

inadvertently matching
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Working on these toe-up socks on the train this morning, I noticed that I had inadvertently co-ordinated the colours to match my handbag and the Connex upholstery.

Socks specs for the curious are as follows:

Pattern - plain vanilla toe-up socks using Wendy's instructions (google it and you will find) (including short-row toe with provisional cast-on and - probably - a short row heel). Added spice of doing both at once.

Needles - 2 X 2.5mm 12" addi turbo circs

Yarn - leftovers - Green is 2 strands of Marta's 2 ply Merino Magic and the blue is ONline Supersocke cotton/wool/stretch blend - recently featured in my vaguely remarkable socks.

It's the first official day of summer here, as well as the first of December. So what did I dream about in the wee hours of this morning? Someone playing April Fools jokes of course! I think there was someone dressed up for an Easter parade as well. What is my sub-conscious trying to tell me?

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Genevieve said...

it's still November here! I feel like a time traveler. but in reality all that means is you will be home, enjoying your weekend, as I start my Friday.