Friday, 8 December 2006

Red Sock Blue Sock Stripey Sock?

Why does that post title remind me of Dr Seuss? This post could also be titled SIP (sock-in-progress) Friday.

SIP number one is using up the leftover shepherd sock from the first useful stocking. Like most lace, it looks a bit crappy while it's in progress. I'm using a toe-up pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks which has a flap heel in reverse which I was keen to try. They also had an "easy toe" which theoretically speaking was simple enough, but practically challenging when trying to wrangle small numbers of stitches on dpns. I think for toe-up socks of the future, I will stick to the provisional cast-on half the total desired stitches then work a short-row toe - it feels quicker and less fiddly.
Red sock in progress

SIP number two is actually two and three together. I've already featured these as the inadvertently matching socks. I took this photo before I left home this morning so what the photo doesn't show is that the short-row heel (in green) has just commenced.
Blue socks in progress

PSNYIP (planned-sock-not-yet-in-progress) is the last thing to be reported today. A couple days ago I ordered a sock kit from Live2Knit. It was put in the post yesterday, so the chances are pretty good that Australia Post will have delivered this to my house today. I haven't dyed anything before but thought I would experiment with trying to make some self-striping yarn. My end goal is to make some Gryffindor socks, but for now, I'm planning to experiment with the techniques and colours. But tomorrow is going to be hot. I'm trying to decide whether dyeing stuff with pots of steaming liquid on the stove is a sensible thing to be doing on a day that is forecast to reach 37 degrees C. I can always put the air-con on but I feel a bit guilty contributing to the collective spike in the drain on the grid that happens when we get days over 35.

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