Friday, 15 December 2006

Shameless plug for a Yarn mag

Like most people at this time of year, things are getting a little bit busy on the social side of things. And, like many a craft blogger out there, I have created a few more deadlines and craziness for myself by deciding to make a few things for Christmas. I've never really got into the swing of "Christmas knitting" in the way that a lot of the northern hemisphere knit-bloggers do. I think that's most likely due to it being summer here. Even though there are plenty of summery type things that can be knit, it just doesn't seem quite so traditional or fitting. But this year I am knitting Christmas stockings to hang up over the gas heater "fireplace".

Last night was the Yarn Magazine Holiday knit-in. This was held at Mag Nation, a new magazine shop near my office so I had no excuse not to go. I actually went in last Sunday and knit in the front window of the shop for a couple of hours to help promote the knit-in and scored a bottle of wine as a thank-you from Barbara - the Yarn editor. The upstairs level at Mag Nation was totally taken over by knitters. (Too bad for any motoring or beading or travel enthusiasts. They had no hope of getting anywhere near their preferred reading). I worked on the latest Christmas stocking.

RoséChristmas stocking in progress

Of course the whole point of the exercise was also to launch the latest issue of Yarn which is now on sale. The good thing about buying it last night at the knit-in was the free gift we got to go with it.

Yarn as gelato

Two sets of Clover bamboo dpns and a yummy ball of merino 8ply which featured in a pattern from the current issue. To me it looks a bit like Filatura di Crosa Zara (which I think is heavenly). However Barbara, who did the test knitting for that project (a PDA cosy), told me that she thinks this is better as it doesn't tend to split so much and it is very hard wearing. I haven't decided what to do with the yarn yet. I don't really have a yen to make an iPod cosy or a mobile phone cover. Excess packaging in my book! But each to their own.

I've been telling myself that next year I will have a go at lace knitting (knitted lace? I believe there is a difference) but I had yet to decide on a project. I think the Gumleaf lace shawl pattern (also featured in Issue 5 of Yarn), perhaps with one of these yarns is a definite possibility.


OzKnitter said...

Your picture of the 'goodies' is better than mine. LOL

Great to catch up again and can't wait to see how the Kool-Aid socks knit up.

Genevieve said...

awesome - sounds really fun and you got some great parting gifts!