Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Bound for the finishing line

I was thinking last week that I didn't get a cold last winter, or spring and that maybe that flu vaccine that work pays for isn't completely useless. So of course yesterday I developed a sore throat which today had turned into what I tend to call leaky-tap nose. TMI? Sorry. So this evening I am cooking up some of Nigella Lawson's aromatic chili beef noodle soup in the hope that the copious amounts of chili and garlic will help the infection clear up sooner rather than later. I get this usually once a year and sometimes it lingers, sometimes it doesn't.

On to more exciting things. Last night I made this.
bias binding

I'm guestimating that's about 20 metres of bias binding - much more than I need but when making this stuff you may as well make too much rather than not enough. I can always use the leftovers to bind small projects later. My leftover bias bindings even have their own shoe box in the sewing room (and they do get used - it's not an ever-growing stash like the sock yarn... I ordered some more sock yarn today.... I'll post about that once it arrives).

Bias binding not exciting enough for you? What if I tell you that now the bias binding is made, I can spend this evening doing this?
binding commences

Yep - I finished the Plain Spoken quilting on Monday night while watching Shameless (I love this show - one of the characters called her twin babies Nigel and Delia - how OTT cute is that?) so it's full steam ahead with binding and the quilt will be finished entirely by the end of January which is ahead of schedule - with far less stress than last year's wedding quilts.

This year there won't (*touch wood*) be any landmarks that require quilts. I have several quilt UFOs (see the WIPs on the side bar - although that doesn't quite show all of them... ahem...) which I aim to finish, but there are no deadlines. Woo Hoo!

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Genevieve said...

hope you feel better soon!