Monday, 29 January 2007

latest stash enhancement

My excuse is that my stash isn't nearly big enough to warrant a year of solely "knitting with what you have". To be honest, the stash could probably see the year out, but it would be seriously depleted if I did that.

I've been eyeing off some of the yarns at Ecoyarns for quite a while now and figured that it was time that I did some actual ordering and try them out. This was partly prompted by the scarcity of multi-coloured cottons in dk or heavier weights (suitable for dishcloths) in Australia (no Sugar N Cream here as far as I can tell). Even the Anchor cotton that I used for earlier dishcloths is hard to find at the moment. But Ecoyarns and Live2Knit teamed up just before Christmas last year and produced a one-off series of hand dyed yarns, which included this organic cotton in the "Ulysses" colourway.
hand dyed organic cotton

These should make a couple of gorgeous dishcloths. I bought a couple of balls of plain pakucho cotton for good measure (this stuff naturally grows in a range of colours - from brown to cream to green). Then I thought well why not try other plant fibres for dishcloths so I ordered a ball corn fibre ribbon yarn in a multi - aMAIZing stuff - this feels lovely and smooth.
pakucho cottonaMAIZing yarn

And since they had only recently come into stock and I was intrigued by the blend, I bought a ball of TOFUtsies - sock yarn in a wool/soysilk/cotton/chitin blend. My first thought when I pulled this ball out of the packet was how soft it was - silky smooth. My second thought was that it was very thin. On sight alone, I think this yarn will need 2mm needles to produce a nice textured sock. But oh.... how soft they will be. The yarn is really stroke-able.
TOFUtsies yarn

The quilts are finished. I'm hoping to photograph them this coming weekend so will post more about them then. I'm working on some socks that I don't want to post about right now. They're nothing startling, but I'm not sure how often the recipient reads the blog, so I'm just being a bit cautious.

My cold is much better (thanks G!). I went to yoga tonight and we did single nostril breathing (* in right nostril, out left nostril, in left nostril, out right nostril, repeat from * until instructor tells you to stop) and I was able to do that with no difficulty at all - most satisfying! C and I have been trying out the classes at the local council-run pool and fitness centre. We had been going (or rather trying to go) to a national chain of gyms that are basically all about getting you to help them recruit more members. Things like - "we'll give you free personal training session if you give us the names and telephone numbers of 5 of your friends and family so that we can ring them and try and get them to join too". Like many people, I hang up on telemarketers and I'm certainly not handing out my friends phone numbers without their permission. Bugger off! Plus the vibe of the place, whichever branch we went to, just wasn't me. The other people in the classes weren't very friendly and I was very unmotivated to keep going. I couldn't even manage once a week. I've only been to this new place twice so far, but already it feels much more comfortable. More like the council-run gym that I went to before I moved house.
I might even go for a swim one of these days. I used to love that.


Katt said...

All that wool looks gorgeous! I ADORE all of Katies stuff (the Live2Knit) and was lucky enough to do a swap with her recently for 100g of her sock wool for 100g of my sock wool.

I am intereted in that Tofuties stuff! Will be interesting to hear how it knits up.


amanda j said...

I will have to watch closely, you have bought many of the things I have been oogling lately!
I usually find that those who really want to motivate us with their upbeat motivational blather make me want to run in the other direction! Low key all the way for me!