Friday, 5 January 2007

One completed ROY sock

This is sock one of the pair. I cast on the second last night which will probably take me another couple of weeks of train knitting.

ROY sock

Thoughts on the pattern: The pattern is very easy to remember. I'm making far more use of Sensational Knitted Socks than I thought I would on the first reading - so much so that the Sock Queue is suffering, or rather, getting longer and longer as it gets neglected for patterns from this book. Schurch's systematic layout into patterns by number of stitches per repeat or theme, coupled with each grouping having a different kind of construction (eg toe-up with short-row heel, toe-up with flap heel, cuff-down, etc.) means that you can mix and match patterns to your heart's content with great ease. And it is very useful when you're still learning and experimenting with the different constructions.
I'm still searching for my ultimate toe style (for cuff-down socks) in particular. I don't like finishing socks with kitchener stitch (grafting) although I like the shape of the end product. Some of the more rounded toes, which decrease down until you have few enough stitches to just pull the opening closed are satisfying to knit, but they look a bit funny on the foot. Which really shouldn't be a huge concern since they're generally covered by shoe (except when I don the satorially elegant combination of sock and Birkenstock). But I will know! The other concern is trying to work out which shape will be the hardest wearing over the big toe - where many a sock has been known to come to grief.
I'm waffling. I'll shut up now.

ROY sock

Thoughts on the yarn: The colour combination is not my favourite - more red and less orangey-yellow would have been preferable in hindsight. But these were dyed mostly to experiment with which colours would be the best for a future project, so they have served their purpose. The yarn feels a bit chalky as I knit with it. I'm assuming that comes from some Kool-Aid residue left-over from the dyeing process. I'll give the socks a good bath in some wool-mix before I wear them and hopefully that will fix the issue.


Genevieve said...

looks nice! and I like the colors.

I'm also glad to hear you like the Sensational Knitted Socks book - I got it for Christmas but I haven't had a chance to read through it yet.

Donni said...

I think these looks FANTASTIC.

Paisley said...

thanks girls!

Katt said...

Those socks look nice!

I notice on your sidebar that you are looking for self striping sock wool to do Gryffindor socks.

I dye and sell sock wool (for $15 for a pair of socks) and if you are interested I am willing to try dyeing up some self striping for you? I have some sock wool for sale now if you are interested in seeing some of what I do (including a lot of self striping).

You can email me through my blogger profile.


OzKnitter said...

They look great all knitted up. I want to try dyeing, just haven't gotten there yet.

Did you know there's a "More Sensantional Knitted Socks" book due at the end of March?

More Sensational Knitted Socks ~ Charlene Schurch