Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A post for the sake of posting

It's been a week since my last post but there hasn't been much to blog about apart from the weather. The tennis is on in Melbourne for this week and the next. Anecdotally, I am convinced that these two weeks are the most reliably stinking hot of the whole year. Bushfires are burning in various parts of Victoria. Yesterday the fires knocked out one of the main power lines that connect us to the national electricity grid which played havoc with peak hour traffic (affecting trains, trams and traffic lights). The line has been restored but the fires continue in that area, so there is the possibility of electricity rationing in the next few days. The last time that happened was in February 2000. The office I was working in would go on to half-lighting after lunchtime.

I got a bit excited this morning - there were about 5 drops of rain. But nothing came of it - I can't remember whether we've had any rain so far this year.

Some crafting has been possible. I can still do my sock knitting on the train (I'm almost finished the second ROY sock) and having the air conditioner at home means that I can plug away at the quilting for Mum's present (the end is in sight which is good as the party has been booked for next month).

Once I take some photos, I'm also planning to post about what will hopefully be a new hobby for the years to come. Mum remembered me eyeing off some bonsai at a nursery a few months ago and so for Christmas I scored some books, a little starter kit (pot, potting mix, wire) and some seedlings to try and train some bonsai of my own. I'm quite excited by this idea, but a little daunted as well - especially by the time that they will take. It is not a craft for the impatient!

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Genevieve said...

we've had really weird weather here, too. it's been hot (like, I had to have the air conditioner on to sleep on Sunday) which is just wrong for January in the northern hemisphere. Now it's freezing cold again (24F when I left home - not sure what that is in C but below 0C) but I'm OK with that! that is normal. now, if we would just get a snow day off of work...