Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Birthday presents

Mum liked her quilt:
Plain Spoken presentation

Secret sock knitting: (Pattern is Basic Cabled Socks)
t2 socks detail

The result of secret sock knitting. T2 modelled his birthday socks (well - one of them - it was too hot to make him wear both):
t2 socks modelled


Suse said...

Gasp! That quilt is amazing.

Tthe sock isn't too shabby either, but I'm gobsmacked by the quilt).

Donyale said...

loving the facial expressions - that's when you know you did well.

And you did btw.

What is the yarn for the blue sock again? It's lush.

Paisley said...

Suse - thanks!

Donni - the blue sock yarn is from Fibreworks. I got it at one of the shows last year.
Contact details at

Genevieve said...

the quilt is beautiful! and the socks are nice too :-)

Jae said...

I popped over from donyale's blog. That quilt is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. Your mom is very lucky indeed!