Sunday, 18 February 2007

Fabric stash enhancement

nepalese fabrics, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

My parents have been staying with me this week (this afternoon is the big birthday bash) and on Thursday we caught up with a friend of mum's who does a lot of travelling in Asia. Nepal is her most recent destination. She's got involved in fundraising to help a local school there and so she has made several trips there recently.

She said she had a wonderful time choosing these fabrics. Apparently the first and third from the left are particularly Nepalese and these prints are seen a lot in that area. There's about a metre of each fabric, so there's plenty of options for making a project.

Today (and yesterday) is stinking hot - 38 C. I'm hoping the party which is up in the mountains (although they're not a patch on the Himalayas) might be a little bit cooler. Roll on the cool change. Roll on autumn.


Genevieve said...

pretty pretty! I love the colors.

shula said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!