Sunday, 4 February 2007

Mossy Variation

A quick correction to the previous post - my head was saying Gumnut, but the pattern in the magazine is actually the Gumleaf Lace Shawl. I think I will still call it the gumnut shawl - I think that the little motif is more gumnutty than gumleafy so I'm sticking with the nut.

A similar confusion developed with Aunty M's Birthday quilt which I can now present in its completed state.
Mossy Variation 01

I first spotted this pattern on Kaffe Fassett's web site which showed a photo of the Mossy Radiation quilt (from his book Quilt Road) and offered kits for sale. Somewhere along the line I remembered the quilt title as Mossy Variation instead and the title has stuck for this piece. Especially since it is my own variation.
Mossy Variation 02

I'm not really one for making quilts from pre-packaged kits as I think choosing your own fabric is an important part of making the quilt your own. Based on the photo, I drafted a rough diagram, with a few modifications (such as changing the central panel from a four patch to a nine patch) and started going through my fabric stash to decide on colours. I knew that greens were going to play a major part, but decided that I also wanted to incorporate some of the pinky/purpley fabrics from my stash.
I have no recollection of where the border fabric came from. I can't imagine that it was a fabric I would have bought myself, so I guess that it was salvaged or gifted from someone. I had quite a generous quantity of it and it seemed to tie the quilt together quite effectively.
Mossy Variation 03

The decision to make the quilt octagonal came when I getting ready to cut the fabrics for the third round of strip-pieced triangles. It was a practical decision as much as anything else. Very few of the pieces from my stash were going to be long enough to make the strip piece wide enough for the triangles. That was when the thought occurred to me that I could slash off the corners and make the quilt octagonal. Then it really would be a variation.
Mossy Variation backing

Vital Statistics:
Dimensions: 59" x 59" (150cm x 150cm)
Machine pieced.
Hand-quilted (wool blend batting)
Completed: November 2006

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