Sunday, 4 February 2007

Woodland Gumnuts

I told myself that I would try lace knitting (knitted lace? I know there's a difference, but can't remember which is which) this year as a new challenge. (NB: not a resolution - a challenge...) So when I saw that Purl Yarns had got in a new shipment of Handmaiden yarns, including what sounded like the deliciously soft Seasilk, I grabbed me a skein in the Woodland colourway.
seasilk skein

A tangle-free play with my ball winder confirmed that this yarn feels heavenly and so soft next to the skin.
seasilk ball

And I've made a start on the Gumnut Shawl pattern from the most recent issue of Yarn Magazine.

gumnut begins

The pattern repeat is pretty easy to memorize and I haven't had to frog back anything yet. I think this pattern was probably a good choice for a starter-shawl - a bit of lacework for interest, but not too many things to remember. The repeat is only 6 rows and half of them are plain knitting. Within each row, the pattern repeats over 6 stitches so that's pretty simple too. As an added bonus, I get to use some of my stitch markers that I made from when I was knitting Clapotis.
gumnut detail

Speaking of which, I'm toying with the idea of making another Clapotis. For some strange reason, I made my first clap in this lurid jade green colour in a yarn that is so slippery that wearing the clap as a wrap (on the odd occasion that the jade colour doesn't completely clash with my outfit) is pretty much impossible. So I'm contemplating perhaps just making the scarf version with a more considered colour choice. I'm a lot more au fait with the alternative yarn options out there now than I was two years ago when the blog was just a twinkle in my eye.

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