Wednesday, 28 March 2007


I finished my Broadripple socks.

Broadripples 02

The yarn is Cascade Fixation in the Harlequin colourway. Purchased from Yarns Online. I used Clover 3mm bamboo dpns.
When C first saw me working on these socks she cried "Collywobbles!" in reference to the black & white strip of the Collingwood Football Club - a very Melbourne-esque response. But now that the socks are finished, the first thing I thought of when I put them this morning to photograph (and then wear the rest of the day) was a zebra.

Broadripple yoga

This is the first time that I have knitted with Fixation. Working on the first sock, (the one on my left foot) I was a little freaked out by the stretch in the yarn and wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. I stopped worrying after a while and the sock seemed to turn out just fine. There was a little bit of colour pooling on the heel turn and gusset, but that is generally to be expected and I wasn't bothered by it. I was intrigued then, whilst working on the second sock, at how different and more pronounced the pooling on the gusset was - again, it was more intriguing than bothersome. Why would the pooling be so different?

Broadripple detail

It wasn't until I tried on the finished pair last night that the most likely answer revealed itself. The second sock felt significantly tighter than the first so I suspect that I knitted the second one at a tighter gauge since I wasn't worrying so much about the stretch in the yarn. Different gauge means the yarn gets used up at a different rate, therefore the pooling variation.
Walking around in the socks with shoes on, the difference is minimal and I only notice it if I think about it really hard and start imagining the sock on the right foot feels tighter.

Broadripples in Campfire shoes

This is the obligatory fetishistic shot - Posing with the shoes for which I keep having to sew the buttons (which you can't see in this shot) back on.


Genevieve said...

they look great! I really need to finish mine...

Donyale said...

Are noice! Really Noice.

Katt said...

oooooooh I so love those!! very Magpie!!!