Thursday, 22 March 2007

Craft night

I'm still here....

A few years ago, when Y still lived in the 'burbs, our little group of friends used to gather together one evening a week for craft night (the whole "stitch and bitch" thing was never really on our radar). Once Y and T1 moved out to the country to build their little house in the big woods, craft night kind of fell by the wayside. Now C, S and I are making an effort to resurrect the tradition. Last night we gathered at my place.
C worked on some crochet.

See C crochet

S worked on a bed sock

S knits

I worked on a sock.

Sock in progress

You might remember that I made a pair of socks for S' hubby T2 (the blue ones with the cables down the sides). These are apparently the most comfortable socks that he has ever worn, so now he wants more. S is planning to learn how to knit socks herself, but in the meantime, I have been presented with this gorgeously soft brown baby alpaca yarn and the request of "more socks" for T2.

baby alpaca yarn

We crafters certainly like to make rods for our backs. ;-)


Helen said...

looks fun! Is that the falling leaves sock pattern you're working on there? I'm attempting them at the moment...

Anonymous said...

Hi S
Love the nice cleavage shots of S & I!!!
See you next craft night.

Paisley said...

Helen - no - not falling leaves - it's the Oriel pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. They're finished now but need blocking as the lace looks like a series of nipples.

helen said...

hee hee, can't have that! I'm hoping blocking will solve my problems with my falling leaves - pattern not looking very exciting at this stage.