Monday, 12 March 2007

short row bonnet

short row bonnet, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

I realised a few days ago that I was due to go to a three-year-old's birthday party and I didn't have a present. I prefer to give clothes rather than toys (I get too worried and anxious about toy politics and appropriateness) and so decided to whip up a quick bonnet after being inspired by the shaping of one I saw over at Brooklyn Tweed. I had a look at the Hello pattern that he used, but I don't like the dpn wrangling that goes on at the start when there's hardly any stitches on the needles. So I decided to replicate the shaping using the short-row technique that usually gets combined with a provisional cast on to start a pair of toe-up socks. I like the rhythm of the short-row toe.
The main disadvantage that my approach had was that I had to get the starting number of stitches right at the beginning rathern that being able to just knit from the top down until it was the right size. Still, I got the size right on attempt number two. It's quite a challenge trying to guess how-big-i-the-head-of-a-three-year-old-you-haven't-seen-for-a-few-months.
The eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise that this is the multi-print yarn that I got as a free gift with my purchase of the last issue of Yarn when I bought it at the MagNation knit-in. I can report that it nice and soft to knit with and toned perfectly with some pink-ish baby wool 3 ply that I had in my stash. I used the baby wool held double for the brim.
The hat fit and was universally admired. Present crisis averted.