Thursday, 5 April 2007

My lord, I have a cunning plan....

No pictures today, just some Easter knitting plans to articulate.

A couple of years ago I bought Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop and was pretty smitten by this pattern but I had never found the right yarn. Super bulky weights seem to be pretty hard to come by in Australia. This winter, however, Australian Country Spinners seem to have come to the party with at least two new yarns - Patons Shadow Tweed and Cleckheaton Merino Spun - which seem to fit the bill. I'm going to try out the Shadow Tweed.

I've ordered some new KnitPicks dpns which Donni is posting out today so next week I'll be able to make a start on Unky D's socks. I'm going to do them (probably toe-up) in the garter rib from Sensational Knitted Socks.

I'm working on a cotton baby bath blankie thingy for S's brother and his wife who are working in Ireland and expecting a wee one in July. It's basically an oversized version of this dishcloth pattern, but then I plan to include a little hood at one corner.

I have the pattern, I have the yarn and I have the needles. The question is though, do I have the nerve to try out Eunny's Bayerische Socken?

Happy Easter to all. May your extended long weekend bring you lots of time for knitting, family, peace and chocolate (and/or Hot X Buns - I love hot cross buns....)


Donyale said...

What? You haven't finished them yet? I have started and finished those socks at least 1 x 1000times - in my head.

Paisley said...

how rude! :-P

haven't finished the socks - but I've finished the knitting on the asymmetric vest