Sunday, 1 April 2007

Oriel socks

It's a veritable feast of FOs to show off at Chez Paisley this week.... well... slight exaggeration, but here's a second pair of socks which have finally been finished and had their photo shoot nestled amongst the peppermint geranium in the backyard.
oriel 2

These were made using the leftover yarn from the pair of Ladies Useful Stockings which I have made for S [they haven't been photographed yet - I'm still finishing off the garters (cast on 10 sts, knit in garter stitch for 71cm..... *yawn*)]. I always find that Lorna's Laces has great yardage, so 1 skein got me from the knee down to just past the heel turn. This meant enough left from each 2nd skein to make a pair of not-so-long socks for me.
oriel 1

Given, however, that I wasn't sure quite how far the yarn would go, I decided that this yarn would make a pair of toe-up socks. I've done this a few times with left-over yarn now, always using a short-row heel. But I've decided that I find flap heels with a gusset much more comfortable. So flicking through Sensational Knitted Socks, the 12 stitch repeat patterns were written for a toe-up flap heel sock so I thought I'd give them a whirl.
oriel 4

They're a little bit loose. The 12 stitch pattern repeat, and the need to have an even number of pattern repeats meant that the choice was between a base number of 72 stitches or 48. 48 was obvious going to way too small, so 72 it was. My feet don't swim in them, but they are not a nice snug fit so it is hard to judge how efficacious this particular type of flap heel turn will be. I've found a couple of other toe-up flap heel instructions which look interesting and worth trying out in the future.
The photo below probably shows the colour most accurately. Red really is a notoriously difficult colour to photograph truly.
oriel 3


Nora said...

Truly beautiful! And I hear ya about photographing red - I took about 55 shots!

Donyale said...

That's probably my only gripe with that book is that you can't seem to get in between sizes easily depending on gauge.

But they look Fantastic anyways.

Danielle said...

They look Smashing! The color is great!