Tuesday, 29 May 2007

I finished my Ester project. See the knitalong page for my write up.

I've also cast on for T2's new pair of socks. This alpaca yarn is lovely and soft. I'm not sure how durable the yarn will be, but the socks will be deliciously soft on the foot.
textured rib sock in progress

I'm heading off on holidays tomorrow (a week in sunny Queensland). I'm not sure whether I'll have 'net access or not.

Friday, 25 May 2007

For the benefit of T2

sock ribbing, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging program to bring a special announcement expressly for the benefit of T2 (who reportedly keeps logging on to this here channel and muttering under his breath "she hasn't started them yet" - "them" being his second pair of socks).
T2 - This is the second of Unky D's socks. See that little bit of knitting above my thumb in the picture? That's what I did on the train this morning and I've got the same amount to do on the train tonight, then these socks are finito. I promise that while I am on holidays, I will start a new pair of socks for you in that nice brown alpaca yarn.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sock yarn stash enhancement

Fleece Artist Sea Wool - Woodland (Same colourway that I used for the SeaSilk lace shawl I made earlier this year so I can wear matching shawl and socks - is that weird?). I'm thinking perhaps of turning this stuff into a pair of Monkeys.
SeaWool Woodland detail

SeaWool woodland

Some Cherry Tree Hill supersock spooning - Martha's Vineyard and Java. I have been lusting after these colours for ages and finally decided to order some in. No plans for them yet.
CTH MV and Java spoon

This was a one-off (mis-dye?) from Katt. It's a little bit greener in real life. The yarn is nice and soft and will make a pretty pair of socks (perhaps with a Wimbledon theme?).
Katts Wool - Eggplant

More progress has been made on the first Bayerische sock. The heel has been turned and I've done a couple of rows on the gusset.
bayerische heel turned

I'm feeling a little paranoid that there won't be enough yarn in the ball of TOFUtsies to complete both socks since Eunny's pattern notes observe that the pattern eats yarn. I'm trying to be sanguine about it. If I run out, I'll order another ball. No big deal.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Birthday goodies

present from Genevieve, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Genevieve's parcel from Brussels arrived in the post this morning. I was home today with a cold, so I got to open it in the daylight and snap this photo. Three balls of this yummy slubby yarn that she bought in Paris. I'm intrigued by the colour choice - it's almost exactly the same colours as the Ester jacket that I'm making at the moment. (Genevieve - was that deliberate or delicious serendipity? - either way it was an excellent choice!)
She also sent me this box of Belgian chocolates from the Chocolatier / Confiseur Mary with the message that these are the same chocolates that the Belgian royal family buy, so I'm in gracious company.
Thank you Genevieve.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Geranium Ribbed Lace Socks

I finished these a couple of weeks ago, but they were a present so I couldn't blog about them until they had reached their new owner. Genevieve and I share a birthday. If you factor in the different time zones, I'm 11 hours older - we worked it out once.
ribbed lace 02

So these pretty socks, which have winged their way to Brussels, will eventually end up back home in Washington DC, having begun their being in Melbourne. Well travelled socks indeed.
ribbed lace 01

Some project specifics?
I used the Ribbed Lace Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I followed the pattern pretty much as written. My only deviation is to continue the slipped stitch pattern from the heel flap down to the end of the heel turn.
The yarn is from a local Melbourne girl who plies (boom boom - geddit?) her wares at The Knittery. This is the first time I've used the Merino Cashmere Sock blend, but I'll definitely be knitting with it again. It feels lovely and soft, and I get a nice gauge with 2.5mm needles (I used 2 2.5mm addi circs for these) which means that it knits up just that little bit quicker than the slightly lighter sock weights. The colour in Genevieve's socks is Geranium, and I'm very tempted by the green Forest Moss next time I'm in the purchasing mood. (The Knittery recently got a squeeeee from Lime & Violet on their podcast, so I wonder if her traffic went up after that.
ribbed lace pair

Speaking of being in the purchasing mood, I got a parcel from Simply Sock Yarn Co yesterday so I have some goodies to show off once I get a chance to photograph them in daylight. But I'll leave you with one word.


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

poor old Catherine Morland

It is a reasonably well-known fact (even a truth universally acknowledged) that Jane Austen wrote 6 [SIX - count 'em] completed novels in her life-time - plus a few other novellas, unfinished pieces and other such ephemera.

So I was most amused today to find that Dymocks are stocking a new(?) box-set of the 5 [!] Great Novels of Jane Austen. Guess which one missed the cut - it's not difficult. Poor old Catherine Morland, along with her over-active imagination, scurrying around Northanger Abbey just doesn't seem to cut it with today's audience. A quick check on LibraryThing shows that amongst LibraryThing users, there are 10,374 copies of Pride and Prejudice, but only 2,482 copies of Northanger Abbey (see the link for figures on the other 4 novels which fall in the range in-between).

The popularity of P&P, with it's sassy heroine and brooding dark hero, is understandable, especially given the "Firth-in-wet-shirt-and-those-pants Factor" and more recently the surprisingly good Keira Knightley (an Austen-esque name if ever there was one) teamed with the Spook-ish Matthew Macfadyen.

Similarly, in the last 10 years, there have been either film or television versions made of Emma [TV (Kate Beckinsale) and film (Gwyneth Paltrow) almost simulataneously], Sense & Sensibility [film], Mansfield Park [on film where they turned Sir Thomas into a slave trader and now apparently on TV with Billie Piper] and my favourite, Persuasion [film and then TV just recently with the currently Spook-y Rupert Penry-Jones - I'm looking forward to seeing this when it finally screens here].

But Northanger Abbey has been ignored by film-makers.* Is Catherine Morland really that difficult to make either sympathetic or sexy? If they can do it for Bridget Jones [I found her really annoying on paper but far more human and sympathetic on screen], then surely some bright spark out there can give Northanger Abbey another lease on life.

Then, maybe, the Great Novels box-set will include all 6 novels once again.


*I see now that ITV has made a new version of NA along with their new versions of Persuasion and MP. Before that, the last time NA made it to the screen was in the very early 1980's when there was early crop of Austen adaptations done by the BBC.


Same projects as the last posting. Just a little bit further on. (The photos are a bit dark and murky as the light wasn't great this morning. On the upside, the light wasn't great because it was overcast and raining just a little bit).

Ester has progressed to a slow pace since the stitch count tripled.Ester progress

Oh - and see those little bits of map? I've been experimenting with a bit of decoupage - just for fun.
Two pattern repeats for the Bayerische sock have been completed.Bayerische sock progress

I'm thinking about moving on to the heel after three repeats instead of the four that were in Eunny's prototype. I'm rationalising this decision by noting that I don't tend to wear my socks long as they just fall down anyway. Is this a cop-out?

Saturday, 5 May 2007


It's raining.... yay.... fingers are crossed for more.

I've begun the first of the Bayerische socks.
bayerische begins 02

I've also made a start on another cabled project - Ester.
ester 01

This one is part of the Ester KAL.

I find it curious that I am making two cabled projects with tweedy red yarns. I originally intended to make the Bayerische socks with a plain teal coloured yarn, but made a last minute decision to try out the tweedy pinky reddy TOFUtsies yarn that I got from the EcoYarns stall at the craft fair a couple of months ago. Then when I decided to use Patons Jet for Ester (I knew the yarn would be the right weight), I was drawn to this tweedy red which I think is a new colourway this winter - I don't remember it from last year. I don't remember making any conscious link with these decisions. Perhaps my sub-conscious has it's own agenda.

Or perhaps I just like tweedy red yarns.

And cables.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Did I mention...?

Much to my relief, I got the rogue Knit Picks dpn back. Unky D's socks are going pretty much full steam ahead. I frogged the first attempt as they were going to be way too big. This time round I'm using a made-up rib pattern and using the generic Widdershins instructions for the heel shaping. I've just started the gusset increases.

I've also made a start on the Bayerische Socken. I'm still working on the ribbing, so haven't got to the tricky part yet. I'm using TOFUtsies in the Get Your Feet Wet colourway and can I just say that this yarn is so lovely to work with. It's finer than your average sock yarn, so it really needs the 2mm needles that I am using and consequently, more stitches than your average girly sock. But I don't care. It's soft, it feels beautiful slipping through my fingers, and the colour is bright and exciting, yet soothing and relaxing at the same time (the web picture doesn't show the colour's true richness). I'm waxing lyrical. Must shut up.

PS - still waiting for my Ester yarn to come in - then I'll be KAL-ing as well.