Saturday, 5 May 2007


It's raining.... yay.... fingers are crossed for more.

I've begun the first of the Bayerische socks.
bayerische begins 02

I've also made a start on another cabled project - Ester.
ester 01

This one is part of the Ester KAL.

I find it curious that I am making two cabled projects with tweedy red yarns. I originally intended to make the Bayerische socks with a plain teal coloured yarn, but made a last minute decision to try out the tweedy pinky reddy TOFUtsies yarn that I got from the EcoYarns stall at the craft fair a couple of months ago. Then when I decided to use Patons Jet for Ester (I knew the yarn would be the right weight), I was drawn to this tweedy red which I think is a new colourway this winter - I don't remember it from last year. I don't remember making any conscious link with these decisions. Perhaps my sub-conscious has it's own agenda.

Or perhaps I just like tweedy red yarns.

And cables.


Donyale said...

Hey you! sock guru....I too have started Bayerische....AND LOVE THEM. I thank you once again for your words of encouragement - I am not worthy master.

nuttnbunny said...

Here's to subconscious reddish cable Karma!

Bells said...

oh oh so beautiful!! I absolutely love your work!

Katt said...

love the colours! Cant wait to see more of them both