Thursday, 17 May 2007

Birthday goodies

present from Genevieve, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Genevieve's parcel from Brussels arrived in the post this morning. I was home today with a cold, so I got to open it in the daylight and snap this photo. Three balls of this yummy slubby yarn that she bought in Paris. I'm intrigued by the colour choice - it's almost exactly the same colours as the Ester jacket that I'm making at the moment. (Genevieve - was that deliberate or delicious serendipity? - either way it was an excellent choice!)
She also sent me this box of Belgian chocolates from the Chocolatier / Confiseur Mary with the message that these are the same chocolates that the Belgian royal family buy, so I'm in gracious company.
Thank you Genevieve.


Genevieve said...

oh, yay, I am so relieved that the box arrived safely! The color choice was serendipitious - maybe I subconsciously remebered the Ester jacket, but I just saw the yarn and thought you might like the colors. (the yarn is the yarn I bought at the Bon Marche with Katia - we discuss on the podcast!)

Donyale said...

Hippy Birdie 2 ewes......

all the best people seem to be born in May ;)