Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Same projects as the last posting. Just a little bit further on. (The photos are a bit dark and murky as the light wasn't great this morning. On the upside, the light wasn't great because it was overcast and raining just a little bit).

Ester has progressed to a slow pace since the stitch count tripled.Ester progress

Oh - and see those little bits of map? I've been experimenting with a bit of decoupage - just for fun.
Two pattern repeats for the Bayerische sock have been completed.Bayerische sock progress

I'm thinking about moving on to the heel after three repeats instead of the four that were in Eunny's prototype. I'm rationalising this decision by noting that I don't tend to wear my socks long as they just fall down anyway. Is this a cop-out?

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Lara said...

I hate long socks too. Three repeats is definitely not a cop out! The socks are a superb piece of work.