Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sock yarn stash enhancement

Fleece Artist Sea Wool - Woodland (Same colourway that I used for the SeaSilk lace shawl I made earlier this year so I can wear matching shawl and socks - is that weird?). I'm thinking perhaps of turning this stuff into a pair of Monkeys.
SeaWool Woodland detail

SeaWool woodland

Some Cherry Tree Hill supersock spooning - Martha's Vineyard and Java. I have been lusting after these colours for ages and finally decided to order some in. No plans for them yet.
CTH MV and Java spoon

This was a one-off (mis-dye?) from Katt. It's a little bit greener in real life. The yarn is nice and soft and will make a pretty pair of socks (perhaps with a Wimbledon theme?).
Katts Wool - Eggplant

More progress has been made on the first Bayerische sock. The heel has been turned and I've done a couple of rows on the gusset.
bayerische heel turned

I'm feeling a little paranoid that there won't be enough yarn in the ball of TOFUtsies to complete both socks since Eunny's pattern notes observe that the pattern eats yarn. I'm trying to be sanguine about it. If I run out, I'll order another ball. No big deal.


Ginger_nut said...

you'll love that sea wool - it's a real treat to knit with. I got four skeins - but so far only knit one, and not as socks. Too purdy to hide in shoes!

nona said...

Your cabled socks are absolutely gorgeous and beautifully knit!

Katt said... it wasnt a miss dye..

Sometimes just for fun I mix colours to see what I get..

Alas the downside is when I get a gorgeous colourway like that. I never know what I did to get it again!

I really have to start writing down the mixture ratios.

Love all the other wool