Wednesday, 13 June 2007

7 Random Facts

I got tagged by Princess Genevieve

1. Random is tricky because my mind will do these weird word association links between things.

2. I've just cast on a pair of Monkey socks (both at once on 2 circs) - I am weak and cannot resist the urge to add to the WIP pile.

3. I've worn the same pair of glasses for work for the last ten years - I hope they don't look too dated.

4. I've just received two copies of this year's White Pages as my unit is on a corner and they put one set by my letterbox and one set by my driveway around the corner.

5. The foot section of my first Bayerische sock seems to be taking much longer than the leg even though the sole is just plain knitting.

6. I have been planning to buy a new computer in 18 months' time for the last 18 months. Maybe in 2009?

7. I was nearly named Cleo (after Cleo Laine), but was instead named after another singer who was in town at the time. No-one has ever heard of her since (even my Mum can't remember the name of the group she sang with).

I choose not to tag.

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