Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Catch Up

I've signed up for the Harry Potter Sock Club over at Sunshine Yarns. I don't really need anymore sock yarn, but I figured "what the heck".

I'm tempted to join Donni on the Tour de France KAL. I'm thinking perhaps of channelling Robbie McEwen and putting myself in the Green Jersey category with an attempt at knocking out a pair of Baudelaires in the space of 3 weeks (not impossible, but I'd definitely need to put all other projects on the back burner).

WIP report:
  • Bayerische sock one is still going..... very..... very.... very.... slowly. I'm finding it quite tiring to work on so I generally only manage 3 or 4 rounds per day.
  • I'm working on a pair of Monkey socks (both at once on 2 circs) which is progressing pretty quickly down the legs. I'm knitting this in the Fleece Artist Sea Wool which is quite lovely to work with.
  • The second sock of T2's second pair is working it's way steadily towards the heel flap.
  • I started work on a quick patchwork piece with the Kaffe Fassett charm square packs that I bought at the quilt convention earlier this year. There's an afternoon's worth of work left to sew up the blocks, then I'll have to decide how it is to be quilted.
  • I'm itching to try out Nona's Sidewinders pattern at some stage in the near future. (See my Sock Queue in the side bar for the link).
  • Is there a companion syndrome to SABLE* called PABLE?

*SABLE = Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy


Genevieve said...

I've got PABLE too. Yikes.

Donyale said...

PABLE? You funny.

Bayerishe - LOVE them but they are a slowly slowly knit =- but boy they are going to look fantastic when finished.

I am sure you can churn out the Baudelaire's in 3 weeks - Ailsa assures me they are a quick and easy/pleasant knit.