Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Socks-in-progress Wednesday

(Just for this week - I'm not trying to start a theme - that would require me to be organised!)

I've signed up for the Tour de France Knit Along so I'm trying to knock these over before 7 July. In no particular order:

Monkey Socks - two socks on two circs, Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Woodland colourway.
Monkey progress

These really are a quick and fun knit which probably explains why every knitter under the sun seems to be making these at the moment. (Check out the Cookie's Sock Creations group on Flickr if you want to see a "small" selection). Who am I to stand apart from the crowd? The Sea Wool is lovely to work with and I'd definitely buy it again.

T2's Alpaca Socks
Alpaca sock 2 progress

Gusset of second sock is almost complete. Just the foot and toe to go.

Bayerische Socks - click through to the photo on Flickr to see my notes.
Bayerische toe approach

My stamina is starting to flag on this so I've made some modifications to the foot to make it go quicker. I'll wait until after the Tour de France to make the second sock - don't let me forget!

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