Sunday, 3 June 2007

Womble on the road

Self at the Big Pineapple, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

It's an informal condition where I work that whenever you go on holiday, you must send a postcard back to the office. We thought it would be fun to get one from the Big Pineapple which is about half an hour up the road from where I'm staying.
So off we went, only to discover that Big Pineapple postcards must be a best-seller, and they were out of stock.
So we snapped this shot as proof I was there and got a postcard of the Glasshouse Mountains to send instead.
It's raining and overcast today, hence the darkness of the photo, but otherwise the weather has been sunny and fine.


thestripeytiger said...

I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! No postcards - how useless!! I think their whole raison d'etre (or however you spell it) should be to sell postcards what are t hey doing with none??!!! - its insane!! :-) lol Stripey

Genevieve said...

awesome. I love giant novelty fruits. (actually. what I LOVE is weird tourist attractions)