Sunday, 8 July 2007

stitch keepers

stitch keepers, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

Three posts in one day. Somebody stop me....
Since my sock knitting gets dragged around in my hand-bag, I have found that the little stitch keepers that I got from SSYC are really useful for stopping stitches coming off the needles when in transit. Especially when using the shorter 5" and 6" sock needles.
In my surfing travels, I came across some instructions for making your own using felted/fulled materials. This seemed easier than traipsing round Bunnings trying to find the little plastic cuppy things to go on the ends. I already had everything that was required.
The green yarn felted more convincingly than the purple, so next time I will use that exclusively. I started it off felting it by rubber-glove-clad hand but got sick of that pretty quickly so I threw it in with a load of towels on a super hot wash. This had the desired effect. I think front loading machines are perhaps a bit more effective in fulling/felting due to the whole tumbling motion.
The verdict? Functional, quick and easy. I'll be making more for my different sized dpns.

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