Sunday, 15 July 2007

TdF KAL - Etape 7 - le jour de la Bastille

As the peloton headed into the first of the mountain stages last night, this little sprinter finished her first Baudelaire and made a start on its pair.
Baudelaire 02 begins

I was loath to take the finished one off after the photo shoot this morning. The heel shaping fits beautifully and feels wonderful - the best toe-up heel shaping I've come across yet. It requires a gentle little tug to get it over the instep, but I think it is more advisable to avoid the instructions for larger insteps.
Baudelaire 01 landscape

My other variation on the heel was to work slip stitch heel pattern from the point where the short rows commence on the bottom of the foot (see pic above), right through to the top of the heel flap and then a little bit further (see pic below).
Baudelaire 01 back

What amazes me every year when I watch the tour, is how many non-bicycle hazards the riders have to negotiate around. What with all the support vehicles, cameramen on motorbikes and the spectators playing chicken, it's a wonder they don't come a cropper more often.

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Genevieve said...

this is gorgeous!