Wednesday, 18 July 2007

TdF KAL - étape 9 - insanity?

Prior to last night's stage 9 of the tour, I looked at the tour website to check what route the riders were taking. If you click on the "profil" tab on the map, then you get a little schematic showing the up-and-down-i-ness of the course. Last night's had a big "unclassifiable" hill at the start and as if that wasn't enough, another big "unclassifiable" hill at the end. The SBS promos are right. These are real tough guys. Either that or they are just insane.
I, on the other hand, like any good maillot vert candidate, am just speeding along nice flat ground with my second Baudelaire sock. There's really no point in showing photos - it looks exactly the same as the first. I've turned the heel and I'm on the home stretch. Next up, Canal du Midi?

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