Wednesday, 11 July 2007

TdF KAL - Troisieme Etape

Baudelaire heel turned, originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.

I haven't come a total cropper in my pursuit of le maillot vert, but perhaps my bike is having some gear change issues?

OK, here's the rub. For the "larger instep" version of the Baudelaire, the pattern makes the following provision - after the completion of the reverse-engineered-toe-up-flap-heel (which incidentally is fantastic - the shaping that results is superb) you make these cable increases on each side of the sock.

The increase is so that the cables up the sides of the sock will be 8 stitch cables instead of 4 stitch cables which will make the leg a little bit wider. I didn't really understand this until I had actually executed the move (which is damn fiddley).

This is an interesting theory and a creative way of incorporating more stitches into a pattern rather than just adding in a bit of extra ribbing.

But... (could you sense the but that was coming here?) the cable increase is really in-elastic. The cable increase doesn't stretch horizontally and is positioned on the "hinge" of the heel where you really need that little bit more stretch. Instead, you have that little bit less stretch. As soon as I had done it, I was wishing that I hadn't. (It also looks pretty crap which could be down to my tension or execution) So, I think that the sock should fit just fine without the allowance for a larger instep ...

(which also seems to me to be in the wrong spot - when I knit cuff-down and I want a larger instep, I knit the heel flap longer which makes a deeper gusset - there's no reason why you couldn't reverse engineer that using the same shaping in this pattern - the pattern shaping as written seems to be for a larger leg, not a larger instep)

... so I'm trying to suck up the courage to rip back to before the increases. It's not that much in terms of lost knitting and I will feel better about the whole thing as the sock was looking pretty damn good before that - did I mention that the reverse-engineered flap heel is otherwise fantastic?

OK - I've made WAY too much use of parenthetical asides in this post, so I'd best stop here for a little rest.


knitabulous said...

Hay paisley are you sure you need those extra stitches?
I've got the broadest feet (like ships) and I automatically put the extra stitches in without much thinking about it.

When I finished I realised I prob didn't need them in the first place because the lace is pretty stretchy.

Just a thought ...

Leslie said...

Just when I'm about to toss aside my Baudelaires and find a substitute project for the Tour, I come over and see how nice yours are looking. I'll be back to review your notes when I get to the gussets... if I ever get there!