Sunday, 26 August 2007

Another quilt top

I seem to be accumulating a pile of patchwork tops, sandwiched and basted, but I'm not doing a hell of a lot about getting them quilted. This one will hopefully be an exception as it has a deadline, of sorts.
I pieced this top last Sunday using a disappearing 9 patch technique that I had spotted in a few spots on the web recently. It's a very simple technique and it comes together very quickly. This was but the work of an afternoon. My colour choices were inspired by Jane's Tate Postcard quilt that she made a few months ago.
I'm planning on quilting this with stranded embroidery thread - similar to the quilting I did on my Plain Spoken (which recently got a compliment from Bill Kerr - co-designer of the original pattern - I was quite chuffed at this).

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